West Coast Riot

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Säljs via Eventim.se (direktlänk nedan) eller tel 0771-651000.

Festivalbiljett kostar 695 kr + serviceavg.

Det går även att köpa biljett i festivalentrén. Biljettkassan öppnar 10.00.


Buy ticket online: Eventim.se (direct link below) or call +46 771-651 000

Festival ticket: 695 SEK + booking fee

It will be possible to buy tickets at the box office by the festival entrance.

Håll käften, vad vill du!?

Håll käften, vad vill du!?

Juni 2010. Kultbandet Outlast har återförenats och spelar på Nordengården i Göteborg. I publiken står tre killar som bestämmer sig för att starta ett band. De heter Marko Partanen (sång, bas), Kai Karjalainen (gitarr) och Toni Niskanen (trummor). Håll Käften, Vad Vill Du!? har precis fötts.

De tre medlemmarna har meriter i bland annat The Change, Rentokiller, End In Sight och Outbreak. Det är inga gröngölingar som... Läs vidare om Håll käften, vad vill du!?

Torsdag 26 Juli
Third Stage

Info in English

West Coast Riot is a punk/hardcore festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In 2008 West Coast Riot emerged as a new Swedish punk festival. Since then bands like NOFX, Social Distortion, The Specials, Jello Biafra, Rise Against, Bad Brains, Millencolin, Flogging Molly have all played the festival and attracted an audiance from all over Europe.

Tickets are sold online through www.eventim.se

Röda Sten
Address: Röda Sten 1, 414 51 Göteborg

Check out www.goteborg.com for accommodation of any taste. There is no camping connected to the festival area.

There will be a big selection of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You are not allowed to bring your own food & drinks. Beer and wine can be bought in separate bar areas. There are several water stations.

Will be presented when the programme is complete.

You are not allowed to bring:
1. System cameras, video cameras and sound recording equipments.
2. Umbrellas. Bring rainwear instead.
3. Glas and plastic bottles, cans or containers.
4. Knives or any other weapons.
5. Chairs, stools, camping equipment.
6. Spike belts with spikes longer than one cm.


Journalists who want to cover the festival can apply for accreditation. More will be presented here soon.